Our District Presidents sent in several ways for you to amp up your communications.

Here are their “Best Practices” tips and tricks:

  • Sign-in sheet for members and guests at meetings to add or confirm email addresses
  • Make website more useful for members to keep them engaged outside of meetings
  • Use personal emails from members to potential members to share membership packets and invitations
  • Use LinkedIn to promote events
  • Use invitations to explain WHY people need to hear what the speaker has to say, instead of their job and experience
  • Be consistent with your messages across email and social media
  • Create posters for your events and hang at various establishments your target audience frequents (Starbucks, anyone?)
  • Use Throwback Thursdays (#tbt) to share old function photos and tag members to remind them how much fun AAF is
  • Send handwritten notes asking somebody to speak at your club–send a compiled list of questions for them to base their presentation on and have the board sign it

Review these additional best practices for communicating with those inside and outside of your local AAF club. Be sure to do as many of these for each of your events to maximize your efforts.

  • Press Release to announce new board, major events, American Advertising Awards
  • Monthly email or printed newsletter to keep members abreast of upcoming events
  • Post to local club’s social media channels, along with the D7 channels
  • Create hashtags for events in addition to your club’s main hastag and encourage participants to use the hashtags

Programs give club members a chance to get together once a month for networking and professional development.

Here are some tips to ensure successful programs:

  • Brainstorm with current board, past presidents and other clubs
  • Utilize the AAF speaker list, if all else fails.
  • Preplan the event, spread the word, pay attention to details on event day
  • Ask for feedback on events and prepare your successor