The primary objectives of Diversity in the District 7 are:

  1. To increase minority representation in each of the Seventh District’s club/federations to mirror the market mix, and
  2. To increase employment opportunities for minorities in the industry.

Some ideas from District 7 regarding the second objective (increase employment opportunities for minorities in the industry). This list contains ideas that you can implement now, to help your club’s diversity efforts.

  1. Establish a minority position within your club. A board member or someone from your general membership may fill this position, but you need someone who can devote his/her sole efforts to diversity.
  2. Take a look at your membership. Does it reflect your market mix? Do you know what your market mix is? You can go to Census.gov to find out population information. After you go to the site, scroll down to QuickFacts, then select your state. You can also narrow this down by city. Demographics highlights from Census 2010 will appear. For instance, in Louisiana, the total population in 2010 was 4,533,372.
  3. Take a look at your membership and see if it mirrors the minority percentages in your market. If not, you can set some goals based on these numbers and work toward better minority representation in your club.
  4. Once concrete goals are set, look within your community and develop and maintain ongoing relationships with minority organizations. Perhaps this is through forming a minority advisory committee, teaming up with minority-owned media or getting your club involved with a minority-run mentoring program. Once this relationship is forged, talk top the people you meet and tell them why your diversity initiatives are important to the advertising community and ask for suggestions in getting (and keeping) a diverse membership mix in your ad fed.

Finally, check out the AAF’s Diversity Achievement and Mosaic awards: