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Program Speaker Suggestions from Around the 7th District

These program speaker recommendations came from people in District  7 clubs who have heard these speakers and think your club will enjoy them, too.

Each speaker has been placed under the following categories: “Free,” “Expenses Only,” “Negotiable,” “Under $500” and “Over $500.” The listing contains the speaker’s name, topic, description of topic, contact info, fees, A/V needs and the Ad Fed member who submitted the info.


Speaker Fees: NONE

Professor Ed Noriega — Student Concerns on Careers in Advertising

Description: Professor Noriega, head of the Department of Design and Technology at Troy State University, talked about his concerns that students believe that there is no real advertising work in the south, among other things. FYI – two of his students took home MAF Student Achievement Awards from our ADDYs this year.

Contact: Professor Noriega at NoriegaEdw@aol.com

Fees: None

AV Needs: TBD 

The Clio Awards

Contact Andrew Jaffee, Executive Director of Clios and former editor of Adweek Southeast. New York. Phone (212) 683-4300.

Description: Reel of The Clio Awards

Ad Fed Contact – Sandra Stockman, Executive Director

Atlanta Ad Club

Phone (770) 649-8872



James Belton — Diversity in the Ad Fed

Description: The evolution of diversity in the advertising industry and a brief overview of Ad Fed

Fee: mileage and hotel accommodations, if needed

AV Needs: None

Contact number: 334-514-2021 


Speaker Fees: Expenses Only


Shelley Stewart

Description: Author of “The Road South” & Co-owner of O2 Ideas in Birmingham. Shelley Stewart’s story is one of overcoming hardship and challenge – from witnessing his alcoholic father murder his mother with an axe at age 5 and tolerating beatings at the hands of relatives, to fighting the issues of civil rights injustices for decades. His words are sure to leave you both touched and inspired.

Contact: Vanessa Hargrove, Executive Assistant, O2 ideas, inc., vanessa@o2ideas.com, 205.949.9529 direct, 205.949.9621 fax

Fees: None, Expenses Only

A/V Needs: None 

Jim Osterman — Get the New Business You Want

Description: Founder of Osterman, etc. talks about new business techniques
Contact: Jim Osterman at 678-613-1432
Fees: None; expenses only
A/V Needs: None

Lenore Prather — How I Became Mississippi’s First Female Supreme Court Justice

Description: She discussed how she used the marketing tools available to become the first female Mississippi Supreme Court Justice.
Contact: Lenore Prather at 662-379-7100
Fees: mileage and hotel accommodations, if needed
AV Needs: None

Geoff Newman — Webcasting As It Relates to Marketing Solutions

Description: Account Executive from Yahoo discusses webcasting and Internet marketing
Contact: Geoff Newman at 513-722-0045
Fees: Expenses only
A/V Needs: Internet connection 

Tom Birk — Account Planning and the New Rules of Branding

Description: A look at account planning and the latest on branding
Contact: Tom Birk, Director of Account Planning & Research, Crisping Porter + Bogusky. Miami. Phone (305) 859-2070.
Fees: Mileage and hotel accommodations, if needed
AV Needs: Contact Tom

Craig Harper — Research Topics

Description: Executive Vice President of Simmons Market Research Bureau in Memphis will work with you to determine the research topic of your choice. Call to discuss personally.
Contact: (901) 853-3090 or cnharper@smrb.com
Fees: Mileage and hotel accommodations, if needed
AV Needs: Screen

Mark Alison “People Are Weird”

Description: Discussion on marketing to different personality types. Mark is with the Alison Group in Augusta. Great speaker! We had many wonderful comments on the meeting!
Contact: Tasha, a member of the Augusta Ad Fed. (tasha@thealisongroup.com)
Fees: He requested a hotel room and money to cover mileage
Av Needs: TBD 

Elizabeth Bowles — The Evolution and Future of Interactive Media

Description: The evolution and the future of interactive media
Contact: Elizabeth Bowles, director of business development and general counsel for Aristotle, at 501-374-4638.
Fees: Expenses only
A/V Needs: Internet connection

Clark Rector, Jr. — Will Legislation Make Advertising an Endangered Species?

Description: Ad Fed legislation and its effect on you
Contact Clark Rector, Jr., vice president for state government affairs for AAF, at 800-991-2231.
Fees: Expenses only
A/V Needs: None

Susan Saurage-Altenloh — Topic: Marketing to the New Cultural Mix

Description: President of Saurage Research in Houston helps you learn more about marketing to diverse ethnic groups including African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. The nationally recognized presenter brought up-to-date statistics and examples of how to reach each of these demographics by using vivid examples.
Fee: Only her expenses and a contribution to her home club.
AV Needs: TBD



Louie Gump — Impact Management “Your Road Map for Success”

Description: Any road will lead you somewhere. Have you taken a hard look at where your company is headed? In a tough economy it can be easy to cast about for revenue opportunities. Louie Gump, certified management consultant will help you understand why having a niche, a strategic focus and clear measurable goals are important tools for success.
Fees: Negotiable
AV Needs: TBD 

Bruce Hamilton — No Bad Days

Description: This gentleman was an incredible speaker for our October meeting. Aptly dubbed, “Mr. Hyper,î Bruce Hamilton is an inspirational speaker who really kept the interest of the 90+ who attended. When they weren’t smiling, they were laughing. He’s out of Lake Charles, LA and I got the impression that he hadn’t done much for clubs in the AAF. Check out his website www.nobaddays.net for more information. I heartily recommend him for any and every club.
Contact: www.nobaddays.net
Fees: Negotiable

Steve Robichaux — The 80/20 Rules for Business

Description: Robichaux teaches at the LSU College of Business Administration in Baton Rouge. His topic for us was the 80/20 rules for business, discussing the usual 20% of the clients cause 80% of the headaches, but also expanding this phenomenon to other 80/20 aspects of business. He is a loose-and-easy, conversational, very listenable speaker whom audiences will really like. I would imagine he has a number of business-oriented topics he could discuss, and he understands the advertising industry even though he doesn’t work in it.
Contact: Charlie East
Fees: Terms seem very negotiable, depending on the situation.
AV needs: TBD

Jill Conner Browne — The Sweet Potato Queen – Jackson, Mississippi: “Long Live the Queen”

Description: Jill Conner Browne has been touted by many as one of America’s funniest authors, speakers and humorists. The success was apparent as a record number of members and guests packed the luncheon. In fact it was the largest audience for a regular luncheon meeting in the 59-year history of our Ad Fed. We went above and beyond our usual promotional efforts, but had great results—a total of 203, including 98 nonmember guests. Standing room only (literally)!
Fee: Negotiable
AV Needs: None

Nina DiSesa — The Creative Process. An Oxymoron.

Description: An irreverent look at the creative process.
Contact: Nina DiSesa, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, McCann-Erickson/New York, (212) 984-2624.
Fees: Negotiable
AV Needs: TBD

Mark Goldstein — Batting .900 in New Business

Description: Everybody’s favorite subject – drew around 130 people.
Contact: Mark Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Fallon Worldwide in Minneapolis. (612) 321-2472.
Fees: Negotiable
AV Needs: TBD

Shawna Olwen — Special FX Animation Artist

Description: Shawna spent most of her career in Hollywood as an Academy Award winning and Oscar nominated Hollywood special effects and animation artist. She is a native of Huntsville and returned recently to start her own business. She worked on “The Mask”, “The Little Princess”, “Batman Forever” and James Cameron’s “Titanic”. She spoke about the special effects business, what it is like to work on a major feature film and the future of high-end realistic animation. During her career in the feature film industry, she specialized in the areas of photo-realistic people and clothing. Olwen kept the audience captivated. This was our biggest turn out for the year — 85 attendees.
Contact: Don Dickey at don@somersetgrouponline.com
Fees: Negotiable
AV Needs: TBD

Scott Regan — Creating the Invisible: How a Brand Strategy Revitalized an Organization

Description: Regan is vice president of marketing, strategic planning and human resources, Memorial Health University Medical Center. This was one of our best-attended meetings of the year. The speaker’s topic was the wildly popular brand he created to revitalize the image of a local hospital. His organization’s marketing/advertising campaign is highly visible in Savannah and many were intrigued by the rare opportunity to hear his thought process.
Fees: None for this local speaker. TBD elsewhere
AV Needs: TBD


Speaker Fees: Under $500

Kirk Donovan — “AdSense”

Description: Primary topic is his AdSense seminar – a look at advertising as a behavioral science. Our industry is centered around statistical science, but the whole purpose of advertising is to get a response. He applies his theory to everything from media selection to creating messages. The focus is to avoid wasting money and making ad dollars work harder. Donovan also offers a nonverbal communications seminar. Donovan He prefers a month’s notice, but sometimes can respond to short-notice needs. He can offer seminars and workshops before or after meetings.
Fees: Usually charges travel expenses and $500 for the day, but he does offer discounts for ad feds with smaller budgets.
AV Needs: None Contact Kirk Donovan by e-mail at KDTHEADMAN@aol.com

Phil Cuttino — Got a minute? It’s Funny How Radio Really Works

Contact: Phil Cuttino at 770-441-9373
Description: Award-winning radio writer and producer offers radio tips
Fees: $500 + expenses
A/V Needs: requires CD player with speakers.

Robb Kerr of Digital Iguana — Fun With Photoshop

Description: It was a big hit with the creative group. We had 46 guests attend and 34 of those had never attended one of our club meetings before. That was in addition to our members that came. We printed a workbook for the event that was another $365.
Contact: by email at rkerr@digitaliguana.com
Fees: $500 + hotel, meals & mileage.
AV Needs: data/video projector that connected to his Mac laptop.


Speaker Fees: Over $500 

Tom Woodard, Jr. — Keep It Simple and how he became the Bud Frog

Description: Life lessons and a behind the scenes look at the Budweiser “Frogs” campaign
Contact number: 615-202-1670
Fees: $1,500 + mileage + hotel accommodations + travel expenses
AV Needs: television and VCR

Holly Clegg, Cookbook Author

Description: Clegg’s talk centered on healthy eating for cancer patients and cancer prevention. She talked about developing a cookbook and marketing it nationally. Her presentation included clips from her appearances on national TV shows.
Contact: Clegg at (225) 752-5598 or email her at info@HollyClegg.com (website – http://HollyClegg.com/)
Fees: May depend on topic. If linked to book promotion tour, there could be only a minimal fee. Her normal fee for a specific topic is $1,500, a hotel room for two nights, and her flight expenses
AV Needs: TBD