District 7’s membership footprint spans across seven states with 19 professional clubs from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  

As a member of one of the 19 local clubs in District 7, you also belong to both the District and the National American Advertising Association, a network of more than 40,000 professionals. But if you’re just visiting us and are interested in joining, feel free to contact Michelle Payne.


Put your brand in front of advertising professionals from 19 clubs across Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Each club strives to have the greatest increase in membership year over year in our annual D7 Membership Contest. Your sponsorship makes this contest possible!

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Logo on aafdistrict7.com Membership Page
  • AAF District 7 Social Media Shout-outs
  • Mentions at Leadership Conference and Spring Convention
  • Mentions with all promotion of D7 Membership Competition
  • Your Investment is used to purchase prizes for Club and Membership Chair who win the D7 Membership Competition

$2,000 Investment
(1 Available)

Contact Leigh Farrior for more information!

What does AAF do?

  • Brings members together to yield creative business solutions.
  • Protects and promotes advertising at all levels of government through grassroots activities.
  • Educates members on the latest trends in technology, creativity, and marketing.
  • Provides programs to assist local association volunteer leadership.
  • Presents the industry with its future leaders.
  • Honors advertising excellence.
  • Promotes diversity in advertising by encouraging the recruitment of people of diverse cultures.
  • Applies the communication skills of its members to help solve community concerns.

About the American Advertising Federation (National)

The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association, and the only association representing all facets of the advertising industry, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and acts as the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” The AAF also has 15 district operations, each located in and representing a different region of the nation. The AAF’s membership is comprised of a national network of nearly 200 local federations, representing 40,000 advertising professionals, and more than 200 AAF college chapters, with over 6,500 student members.

AAF District 7 History

With roots dating back to 1904, District 7 is located in the Eastern Region, one of AAF’s largest districts in both geographic and membership size. We encompass five states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee) with 19 advertising clubs and federations representing more than 3,000 advertising professionals. The force of District 7 has helped direct the growth of AAF as a national grassroots organization since its birth in 1967.