Founder and President of a successful agency for over 25 years, former District 7 Governor, Jan Gardner’s dedication to high standards and education in advertising led to the creation of this memorial scholarship in 1989.

General Information

  • Competitive Basis: Reflecting the competitive business world, this scholarship is awarded based on competition, not just recommendations
  • Eligibility: Open to students from District 7
  • Criteria: Recommendations, writing ability, dedication to advertising, and a detailed résumé
  • Award: Announced at AAF District 7 Spring Convention

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current Student: College junior or senior at the time of application
  • GPA: Minimum 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Field of Study: Advertising-related discipline (advertising, mass communications, art/design, public relations, photography, journalism)
  • Leadership: Demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities

Applications must include

  • Résumé – Please include: Name, Address, Email, Phone
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervising academic official in the applicant’s major field
  • Typed essay of no more than 500 words on one of the following topics:
    • Advertising should be considered part of our First Amendment rights because…
    • Do you think it is permissible to ‘bend the rules’ regarding Truth in Advertising, and if so, why?
    • My personality and goals are suited to advertising because…
    • For students in art, design, photography, etc.: My specialty is important to advertising because…

March 29, 2025 at 5pm

Previous Winners

2024 Annie Weaver
The University of Alabama, Huntsville

2023 Anushka Jariwala
University of Georgia

2022 Ashton Jah
University of Alabama

2021 Catherine Carpenter,
Louisiana State University

2020 Corinne Baldwin,
University of Memphis

2019 Emeline Earman,
University of Alabama

2018 Abigail Potter,
Middle Tennessee State University

2017 Charles Bettendorf

2016 Hannah Alkadi,
Louisiana State University

2015 Loghan Laufenberg,
University of Memphis

2014 Katie Davis,
University of Alabama

2013 Katie Bontrager,
University of Alabama

2012 Terisa Brenna,
Art Institute of Tenn, Nashville

More About Jan Gardner

Jan Gardner was originally from Jackson, Tennessee, and lived in the New York area for several years where she worked in the radio industry. She also owned a full-service agency for more than 25 years before her death in 1989.

Jan was a President of Memphis Ad Fed and a Silver Medal recipient (1976). She served as District 7 Governor, 1983-84. She also served as Eastern Region Chairman for the American Advertising Federation, served on the National ADDY Advisory Committee, and was responsible for the establishment of the District 7 Council of Presidents, the first group of its kind in the nation.

In her later years, Jan taught advertising/copywriting courses at the University of Memphis. She long had a love of making sure students interested in the advertising/marketing industry had an opportunity to pursue their dreams, just as she did. The National Student Advertising Competition, which had originated in District 7, expanded under her district leadership. In Memphis, she helped establish student internships and programs where companies paid for students to attend Ad Fed luncheons to learn from guest speakers.

When Jan died August 1, 1989, as a result of lung cancer, District Governor Trena Street made a recommendation that the District scholarship program (which had been established that same year) be named in honor of Jan Gardner.

Jan was a dynamite lady, one who loved the District and the advertising industry. She would burst with pride to know the scholarship program has progressed and the student competition has also grown, in addition to the Student ADDY Awards. She was a multi-talented lady who not only was a brilliant copywriter but an accomplished producer, director and had one of those wonderful silver-toned voices that made you want to listen to every word when she voiced a spot.