National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)

Get ready for the premier college advertising competition! NSAC features three exciting levels: District and two National tiers. Each year, 3,000 students from over 150 colleges and universities gain invaluable experience by crafting strategic advertising, marketing, and media campaigns for a major corporate sponsor. It’s where creativity and hard work meets real-world challenges!


The AAF is divided into 15 districts, each containing one to five states. Each district holds a competition in April, and the winning team advances to the national finals, which are held during the annual AAF National Conference in June.

Schools within each district form teams and compete to determine the District winner. This winning team then participates in the next level of the National competition against winning teams from all 15 AAF districts. In a semifinal round, teams present their campaigns to a panel of industry executives via online video conference. The top eight teams from this round go on to compete in person at the annual AAF National ADMERICA! Conference.


  • District level: Professionals from the communications industry and potentially a representative from the client
  • National level: Judges from the client and their advertising agencies

District 7’s role in the NSAC:
A History 1967-2014


April 11-13, 2025
Location TBD

10 or less members

11-15 members

($25.00 for each additional member)

NSAC Chair

Rebecca Royen
AAF Tuscaloosa
AAF District 7 Lt. Governor

The District Executive Committee established the Charlie Malone NSAC Assistance Fund in 2007. The fund was named after former Governor Charlie Malone in honor of his service to the District and his dedication to students. Voluntary contributions are collected during the year and are given to the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team that wins the District competition at Spring Convention should they make it to the final round. The funds are used to aid with travel expenses to the NSAC finals held annually at the AAF National ADMERICA! Conference.

Checks made payable to:
AAF District 7

Mail to:
Rebecca Royen
5017 Stone Bridge Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242

previous winners

1967 University of Georgia

1968 Georgia State

1969 University of Georgia

1970 Georgia State

1971 University of Tennessee

1972 Louisiana State University

1973 University of Tennessee

1974 Mercer University

1975 University of Tennessee (2ND NATIONAL)

1976 University of Tennessee

1977 University of Tennessee

1978 University of Georgia

1979 University of Tennessee (1ST NATIONAL)

1980 University of Georgia

1981 Southeastern Louisiana (4TH NATIONAL)

1982 University of Georgia (3RD NATIONAL)

1983 University of Georgia (1ST NATIONAL)

1984 University of Georgia

1985 University of Georgia (2ND NATIONAL)

1986 Southern Mississippi

1987 University of Tennessee

1988 Southeastern Louisiana

1989 University of Alabama

1990 University of Tennessee

1991 University of Alabama

1992 University of Alabama

1993 University of Georgia

1994 Loyola University

1995 Loyola University (1ST NATIONAL)

1996 Loyola University (2ND NATIONAL)

1997 University of Memphis

1998 Loyola University

1999 University of Alabama

2000 University of Alabama (1ST NATIONAL)

2001 University of Tennessee

2002 Loyola University

2004 University of Tennessee

2003 University of Tennessee

2005 Loyola University

2006 University of Tennessee

2007 SCAD

2008 Louisiana State University

2009 University of Alabama (2ND NATIONAL)

2010 SCAD

2011 SCAD

2012 University of Alabama (2ND NATIONAL)

2013 Louisiana State University

2014 University of Alabama

2015 Louisiana State University

2016 Louisiana State University

2017 Louisiana State University

2018 East Tennessee State University

2019 University of Alabama

2020 East Tennessee State University

2021 Loyola University

2022 East Tennessee State University

2023 East Tennessee State University

2024 The University of Alabama

Richard Joel Best Presenter Award Winners

2013 Johnny Sciortino, LSU

2014 Jason Jones, University of Memphis

2015 Alexandra Olivier, Loyola University

2016 Paige Roberts, LSU

2017 Clooeen Conneran

2018 Chance Powell, East Tennessee State University

2019 Katelyn Owen, University of Alabama

2020 Nico Chopivsky, Loyola University New Orleans

2021 Sydney Burns, Loyola University New Orleans

2022 Sky Stubbs, Loyola University

2023 AJ Durand, Tulane University

2024 Grace Murphy, The University of Alabama

Bolton-Macvicar-Malone National Best Presenter Award Winners

2011 Monica I. Almeida, University of Texas El Paso

2012 Gabriel Carter, Grand Valley State University

2013 Robert Freeman Smith, Michigan St. University

2014 Katherine Vreeland, Johnson and Wales University

2015 Brandon Mai, University of Oregon

2016 Amanda Koontz, West Texas A&M University

2017 Nathalie Nagamine

2018 Joshua Race, Syracuse University

2019 Alexandra Farber, South Dakota State University

2020 Kyle Fiene, University of Oregon

2021 Ana Stanisavljev, University of Virginia

2022 Caroline Seely, Chapman University 

2023 Luckett Vanguard, University of Minnesota

2024 Mia Shumway, Brigham Young University

Former Governor’s Choice Award

2023 Hailey Darnielle, Louisiana State University

2024 Isabella Chavez, Tulane University