Club Updates March 2022: Club Leadership & Recruiting New Board Members

AAF Baton Rouge

The big club news this month is that we secured the newest member of our Executive Committee. Julia (President-Elect), Ashley (leaving the EC), and Jennifer went out with Rachel and talked with her about the commitment, what it meant, and what it can do for her professional development. Julia and Jennifer were able to offer a lot of insight on all the things we’ve learned and grown confident in over the years and assured her that the AAF community is there to ensure the club and all its members succeed. In the end, she was excited and nervous to join. 

On general board development, we’ve had a pretty good year involving new agencies and members in board activities and we’re hopeful this will pay off in recruitment, if not this year, in those to come. 

AAF Birmingham

AAF Birmingham has begun the process of board recruitment for the upcoming year. Currently, we’re evaluating the current board to assess which members wish to remain active while also discussing which of the committee chairs are ready to step into the board member roles. Our next step will be to begin recruiting committee chairs in vacant positions by sharing a recruitment campaign through our owned media channels. 

AAF Mobile Bay

AAF Mobile Bay is already working on planning board leadership for the upcoming year. Some of the club’s past Presidents have a call scheduled for later this month to start mapping out next year! We will do some social posts asking if anyone wants to join the board. And we plan to make some announcements at our two events later in March asking if anyone would like to join the board. We also discussed reaching out to some of our corporate members to see if they have anyone they would like to get involved. We are hoping to get some fresh faces to fill some open spots or co-chair a position to learn about the AAF Mobile Bay board!

AAF Tuscaloosa

Recruiting new board members:

AAF looks to members who have been active and stepped up for events and committee roles to serve as new board members.

Typically new board members serve in member-at-large roles or as co-officers and committee members so they can learn more about the organization and where their skills may serve best.

These new members are tapped for leadership and a member of the nominating committee reaches out directly to them about serving on the board. At times when future leaders weren’t as obvious, we have sent a member survey as to interest in being a board member.