Letter from the Governor

Hello D7 Friends!

The only thing better than the smell of a crackling fireplace, is the combination of graham crackers, melted chocolate and squishy toasted marshmallows to accommodate the glistening wood. Winter is here. The winds are blowing a chill through the air and the leaves made their graceful descent. All a sign, it’s time for change.

Whether labeled a slight variation or a revolution, it’s all the same. Change is change. For some, it is easy and for others, quite difficult, but in the end, change is meant to bring about positive influences for all affected. So, why is it we logically understand the purpose for change but often fear its nature? Why are we so willing to first assume and consider the worst before giving way to opportunity?

One can assume there is a great deal to be said for a comfort zone. By always giving the same, you get the same. A change in either direction will yield an unknown. The unknown… Therein dwells the unrest. I find it essential to challenge one’s way of doing things in order to grow, in order to learn. There are lessons in all we do. Without lessons things never change, never progress. The journey is far too great to allow the status quo to go unchallenged.

Today, commit to doing something different. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task, just something different. Regardless of size, every ripple in water creates a new pattern, a new opportunity. A change.

You are the leaders of your organization. So, lead. And, do so by example. Bring a guest to your next meeting. Get a sponsor for your club. Remind your volunteers of the appreciation you hold for them. Do so frequently. Create excitement and inspire others to join in the celebration. We are all striving for 7% in growth. The change you influence today could lead to the results you seek.

Whether new to the group or a seasoned vet, every member has something to offer. Don’t let your membership sit idle. Be willing to create change, change for the better. Ask them to willingly participate, to join a committee, make their voice heard, network with colleagues and enter work into the American Advertising Awards. Don’t assume if they haven’t done these things already that they aren’t willing to do so.

By nature of your position with your local AAF chapter, you have the ability to grow a national organization one person, one amazing member at a time. What a tremendous gift. I implore you to use these last few months in your position to make a difference. Be the catalyst for change!

Remember… We are to leave it better than we found it! Enjoy the reminders below and attached information…

Dawn Reeves
AAF District 7

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[/su_nt_box] [su_nt_box closable=”un-closable”] [su_nt_icon id=”icon-download”] Download PDF File View the 2014-2015 Club Achievement Call for Entries

MEMBERSHIP shared by AAF Council Of Governors Chair John McCafferty – The attached letter is fairly self-explanatory and easy to use. You can fill in the blanks on this letter, making it more personal for your club and then using the list of names (or database) you have compiled for future members, use this as a point of touch to encourage joining. As a reminder… Look beyond the usual sources of ad agencies, printers, and media. This will not only help their membership efforts but it will likely help to increase entries into the American Advertising Awards.

SAVE THE DATE from David Jacobs – Spring Convention will be here before you know it. Mark your calendar for April 9-12, 2015. It’s going down in Knoxville!

ON THE ADDY FRONT from Michele Massey – The deadline to forward your American Advertising Award Gold and Silver entries is March 5, 2015! Stay tuned for more details.

CLUB ACHIEVEMENT from Susan Ewing – National has finally published the 2014/2015 Call for Entires – see attached. This document is the guide for what is required in each of the 8 categories. This is what will also be REQUIRED at the NATIONAL level. For DISTRICT – the only difference is that you can send everything in electronically to me. I will be setting up a dropbox account to receive those documents. For NATIONAL, you are required to still submit the 3-ring binder along with the electronic copy of everything on a CD.

Here’s a top-level overview of a few important things.

Club or federation projects that were implemented from February 28, 2014 through February 2015 qualify for competition.

CATEGORIES – there is a description of each of these categories in the Call For Entries document attached

  1. Advertising Education
  2. Club Operations
  3. Communications
  4. Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives
  5. Government Relations
  6. Membership Development
  7. Programs
  8. Public Service

The cost is $45 for the first entry (notebook) and $10 for each entry after that. There are additional fees for National.

The deadline for DISTRICT is 5PM February 10, 2015. All documents must be provided by that date in order to be counted and judged at the district level.

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