AAF Government Report January 2021

The January edition of the AAF Government Report covers: Maryland Digital Ad Tax Privacy Update AAF Government Affairs Committee to Meet via Zoom Day on the Hill

Club Updates January 2021

Baton Rouge AAF-Baton Rouge has traditionally assigned the organization of Club Achievement books to the Immediate Past President. They are in charge of educating the board members about the different books, their purpose, and the creation of them. We begin…

New Look for the AAF

It’s a New Year and with it comes an all-new look for your AAF. After two decades with our current logo—we’ve made a change—for the better—and we will roll out our all-new brand identity this week. We wanted you to…

January Calendar Updates

The following are calendar notes for the month of January: January 15, 2021 Club News due for January e-newsletter (COTY) January 19, 2021 American Advertising Awards Webinar (COTY) January 20, 2021 6th COP Conference Call (COTY) January 27, 2021 January…

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