D7 Hall of Fame

The District 7 Hall of Fame is home to individuals with a stellar history of service to our district.

The selection committee shall be appointed, only when a nomination is submitted in accordance with all guideline criteria. The incumbent Governor shall appoint the selection committee to be comprised of one representative of the incumbent Governor and at least four past District 7 Governors. Nominations shall be submitted in writing to the District 7 Hall of Fame Committee, care of the incumbent Governor, no later than February 15 and should not exceed 2 pages, with no attachments.

If possible, the presentation of the Hall of Fame Award shall be made during the Governor’s Gala at the annual District Convention, usually held in April. The recipient will receive a personal plaque. Since this is a lifetime award, the recipient should be notified ahead of time so arrangements can be made for this distinguished announcement.

No call for nominations will be distributed.

Criteria will be listed in the annual District Directory and the District 7 guidelines book, presented to all incoming officers/presidents/directors, under the Awards section.

Any former Governor of the District 7 or current officer, President, regional director (excluding the incumbent Governor) shall be permitted to nominate an individual. Past District 7 Hall of Fame recipients shall not be eligible.

Selection of a District 7 Hall of Fame recipient shall be by unanimous decision of the Committee, The name of the nominee shall then be submitted to the current District Executive Committee which also must agree unanimously. An individual may be nominated more than once. The nominee must meet all the following criteria to be eligible:

  • A former District 7 Governor
  • Exhibited exemplary, extraordinary, dedicated and lengthy service to the District 7 and/or AAF.
  • Achieved the highest success in the field of advertising and/or related industry.
  • Shown consistent high degree of creative, original actions and initiatives to the District 7.
  • Indicates an ongoing dedication to increase the stature, enhance the image and raise the standards of the District 7 and AAF and the field of advertising.
  • Has continually shown an exceptional commitment of activity in other civic and/or religious organizations dedicated to some phase of human/social welfare.

HOF Members

1985—Jim Ward
Nashville, TN
Governor 1974-75

1988—Dr. Bruce Roche
Tuscaloosa, AL
Governor 1980-81

1989—Jan Gardner
Memphis, TN
Governor 1983-84

1995—Trena Packer Street
Memphis, TN
Governor 1989-90

1999—Charlie Malone
Nashville, TN
Governor 1991-92

2004—Jimmy Warren
Tuscaloosa, AL
Governor 1996-97

2010—Sherri Sawyer
Memphis, TN
Governor 1998-99

2018—Vicki Mills
Macon, GA
Governor 2006-07

2022—Mary Lee
Jackson, MS
Governor 2018-19

2023—Michelle Massey
Tuscaloosa, AL
Governor 2007-2008