A value proposition IS your members’ rationale for choosing to join AAF. Having a well-documented value proposition will help you better engage members, attract new ones, and thrive for years to come.

A value proposition IS NOT a list of member benefits or the association’s determination of what is valuable to a member.

The value proposition should contain:
  1. A compelling headline that describes the core benefit of membership
  2. A short sentence/paragraph that details what you offer, who you’re offering it to, and why it’s valuable
The core message of your MVP should:

Know Your target audience (refer to the Membership Action Plan). Speak to how you answer members’ needs. Indicate why members should choose your association over another.

What value does your membership provide? Clearly communicate what they get out of membership.

Change Your Point-of-View to the prospective members’ view that don’t know AAF as well as you do.  You believe membership is a great value because you fully understand what you’re offering, but the target audience doesn’t. Indicate how membership can change their work performance, their professional relationships, their career, and their business, etc.

Think About Impact. What results do members get from benefits? What impact do benefits make on a member’s job, career, business, and life? Indicate how your claim will create a better future for the member.

#4: Sell Emotional Benefits First.  A benefit of membership is connection and belonging. Talk about becoming part of a community where people “get” you and your work, where you can find support, advice, inspiration, and answers. “You” is the most persuasive word in copywriting. Make your appeal personal and relevant by using “you” liberally. Be conversational, not institutional.

Beliefs pulled from our membership action plan

  • AAF is worth the investment of time and resources;
  • that AAF is modern and evolving with the times;
  • that AAF has industry specific functions;
  • that they are a member of a national organization;
  • that the national/district/local educational and professional development opportunities are better with AAF;
  • they will learn from and network with industry professionals;
  • that they are ahead of the trends and tech of the advertising field;
  • provides leadership and professional development;
  • they are a critical part of the success of the organization;
  • their talent will be recognized and appreciated;
  • potential for award recognition at local, district, and national levels;
  • that AAF can help students succeed
  • increased exposure to job and business opportunities;
  • helping them develop relationships and expand their networks

Use this info to help develop your statement, and share it with us!