Club Achievement & Club of the Year

Club of the Year Competition

  1. Each book must be saved individually and labeled with the club name and book category
    (AAF Tuscaloosa-Club Operations.pdf) and include an Entry Form as the first page.
  2. District Deadline: March 4, 2022 (by 5:00pm CST)
  3. District Late Deadline: March 9, 2022 (by 12:00pm CST)
  4. Make a check payable to AAF District 7 ($45 for first book and $10 for each additional book)
  5. Mail Check to:  Kristi Austin  |  128 Auburn Road  |  Indian Springs, AL 35124
  6. Email electronically as a PDF to Kristi Austin.

National Deadline: April 1, 2022 at 4 p.m. CST

Please see the call for entries below for detailed information about National entry book requirements:

For any questions about Club Achievement or the COTY competition, contact Kristi Austin.

More About Club Achievement Awards

The Club Achievement Awards are presented annually at the Spring Convention to ad clubs and federations who display exceptional accomplishments in club operations. Awards are presented on both the District and the National level. Every year, District 7 and AAF honor top clubs in five categories:

  1. Club Operations
  2. Membership Development & Communications
  3. Programs
  4. Cornerstone Events & Initiatives (American Advertising Awards, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Government Relations, Advertising Education)
  5. Public Service

Additionally, a club of the year is chosen in each membership division based on overall excellence in club operations and in specific areas. While club achievement is a major component of the Club of the Year competition, clubs also earn points for fulfilling certain criteria throughout the year.

AAF local associations are organized into five club membership divisions by size to ensure impartial competition, as well as facilitate communication and networking among club leaders:

Division I 500+ members

Division II 250-499 members

Division III 100-249 members

Division IV fewer than 100 members

Division V Ad 2 Clubs

First-, second-, and third-place awards are designated in each division within each category at the discretion of the judges. A District Club and President of the Year Award is given to the club in each division, based on the first-, second-, and third-place awards it receives, in addition to points accumulated during the year. A National Club and President of the Year Award is given by AAF to a club based solely on first-, second-, and third-place awards received on the national level.


District 7 Clubs / Presidents of the Year - DIVISION III

1993-1994 AAF Baton Rouge / Charles East, Jr. Birmingham Ad Fed *

1994-1995 AAF Baton Rouge / Karen Gaupp-Wozniak *

1995-1996 AAF Baton Rouge / Pierre Guidroz Birmingham Ad Fed *

1996-1997 AAF Baton Rouge / Nancy Steiner Birmingham Ad Fed *

1997-1998 AAF Baton Rouge / Jeff English Birmingham Ad Fed *

1998-1999 AAF Baton Rouge / Elizabeth Perry

1999-2000 AAF Baton Rouge / Nicole Latiolais *

2000-2001 AAF Baton Rouge / Danielle Chapman *

2001-2002 AAF Baton Rouge / Lee Scioneaux

2002-2003 Mississippi Gulf Coast Ad Fed / Amber Goodwin

2003-2004 Mississippi Gulf Coast Ad Fed / Denise Ladner *

2004-2005 AAF Baton Rouge / Glen Duncan

2005-2006 Birmingham Ad Fed / Michelle Latham

2006-2007 Birmingham Ad Fed / Dawn Reeves

2007-2008 AAF Baton Rouge / Carol Shirley

2008-2009 AAF Baton Rouge / Ace Bourgeois

2009-2010 AAF Baton Rouge / Marielle Land-Howard

2010-2011 AAF Baton Rouge / Jason Feirman *

2011-2012 AAF Baton Rouge / Connie McLeod

2012-2013 AAF Baton Rouge / Hunter Territo

2013-2014 AAF Baton Rouge / Brian Rodriguez

2014-2015 AAF Baton Rouge / Jason Broha

2015-2016 AAF Baton Rouge / Rebecca Sadler

2016-2017 AAF Baton Rouge / Trenton Bland *

2017-2018 AAF Baton Rouge / Theresa Nguyen

2018-2019 AAF Baton Rouge / Patrick Box

2019-2020 AAF Baton Rouge / Jonathan Palmisano

2020-2021 AAF Baton Rouge / Barbara Braud

District 7 Clubs / Presidents of the Year - DIVISION IV

1994-1995 Montgomery Ad Fed *

1997-1998 Acadiana Ad Fed / Nancy Marcotte *

1998-1999 Tuscaloosa Ad Fed / Laura Lineberry and Michele Massey

1999-2000 Greater Mobile Ad Fed / Charlene Patterson

2000-2001 Tuscaloosa Ad Fed / Susan Tucker

2001-2002 Acadiana Ad Fed / Dana Holladay

2003-2004 Mississippi Delta Ad Fed / Robbie Scucchi

2004-2005 Jackson Ad Fed / Rachel Crews *

2005-2006 Jackson Ad Fed / Tammy Smith *

2006-2007 Tuscaloosa Ad Fed / Lucy Arnold Sykes - Jackson Ad Fed / Karen Johnson **

2007-2008 AAF Jackson, MS / Amanda Fontaine

2008-2009 AAF Northeast Tennessee / Jessica Bland and Dawn Roller

2009-2010 AAF Jackson, MS / Mary Lee

2010-2011 AAF Jackson, MS / Jama Killingsworth

2011-2012 AAF Jackson, MS / Becky White

2012-2013 AAF Jackson, MS / Megan Harris

2013-2014 AAF Jackson, MS / Janet Walker

2014-2015 AAF Jackson, MS / Yolanda Foster

2015-2016 AAF Montgomery / Michelle Leland

2016-2017 AAF Montgomery / Michelle Leland *

2017-2018 AAF Montgomery / Kristina Turner

2018-2019 AAF Montgomery / Kristina Turner *

2019-2020 AAF Tuscaloosa / Rebecca Royen

2020-2021 AAF Tuscaloosa / Julie Mann*