“Mouth of the South” is the annual AAF District 7 lip-sync competition.

Since beginning in 1985, the “Mouth of the South” competition has become one of District 7’s most anticipated annual events. Held each year at the District’s summer Leadership Conference, “Mouth of the South” provides an opportunity for member clubs to compete against one another in an “almost anything goes” exhibition of showmanship and creativity.

It is also THE most entertaining event of each District 7 year. “Mouth of the South” is a highly competitive contest among District clubs and the annual title is a greatly coveted distinction. In order to make the competition equitable for all participating clubs, the following rules and regulations must be adhered to by all entrants.

title selection & eligibility

  • Cultural appropriateness is required. D7 Executive Committee has the right to stop a performance or declare a club ineligible if performance does not comply.
  • Each club can reserve one signature song title that no other entrant may use in whole or in part. Parts of other songs may be used by more than one club as long as it’s not another club’s signature song. Song titles must be reserved in advance through a designated person from the host club. Signature titles will be approved for only the first club requesting the title.
  • The host club is not eligible to win Mouth of the South, but must participate as the opening act to receive Mouth of the South COTY points.
  • Presentations may not exceed five (5) minutes. Material longer than five (5) minutes in its original form must be edited to conform. The host club will provide an official timekeeper who will stop the CD at five minutes if the performance is not complete.
  • Segments of more than one title may be edited together as long as the total time of the presentation does not exceed five (5) minutes.
  • Recording of original lyrics and/or music is allowed.
  • A spoken introduction (voice only), not to exceed thirty seconds (:30), will be allowed prior to each presentation. Introduction may be written for delivery by the Master of Ceremonies, or delivered by any person designated by the competing club. Introduction must be LIVE. No music will be allowed during the introduction unless the introduction is to be included within the five-minute MOS presentation.
  • The order of presentation shall be determined by random drawing in the presence of a representative of each competing club prior to noon on the day of the competition at a time and place designated by the host club.
  • Each participating club will provide the music for their presentation in the requested format to the MOTS Chairperson at the time that the drawing for order of presentation is held. Clubs should bring a copy of their music as backup on a sharable device (CD, flash drive, etc.).

history of winners

2023 Northeast Tennessee
2022 AAF Dothan
2021 AAF North Alabama
2019 AAF Northeast Tennessee
2018 AAF Memphis
2017 AAF Northeast Tennessee
2016 AAF North Alabama
2015 AAF Baton Rouge
2014 AAF Birmingham
2013 AAF Birmingham
2012 AAF Mississippi Gulf Coast
2011 AAF Nashville
2010 AAF Baton Rouge
2009 AAF Baton Rouge
2008 AAF Chattanooga
2007 AAF Mississippi Gulf Coast
2006 Mississippi Gulf Coast Advertising Fed/
Advertising Club of New Orleans
2005 Birmingham Advertising Federation
2004 Mississippi Gulf Coast Advertising Fed
2003 Mississippi Gulf Coast Advertising Fed
2002 AAF Baton Rouge
2001 Acadiana Advertising Federation
2000 AAF Baton Rouge
1999 Acadiana Advertising Federation
1998 Acadiana Advertising Federation
1997 AAF Baton Rouge
1996 Chattanooga Advertising Federation
1995 Jackson Advertising Federation
1994 Memphis Advertising Federation
1993 AAF Baton Rouge
1992 Advertising Federation of Greater Mobile
1991 Huntsville Advertising Federation
1990 AAF Baton Rouge
1989 Memphis Advertising Federation
1988 Memphis Advertising Federation
1987 Huntsville Advertising Federation
1986 Golden Triangle Advertising Federation
1985 Advertising Club of New Orleans


  • Stage dimensions and lighting availability shall be supplied to competing clubs by the host club at the time that titles are reserved. If possible, the host club shall provide a schematic drawing of the stage which shall include stairs, curtains, etc.
  • Male and female dressing areas shall be provided at the site of the competition by the host club.
  • A staging area for the next scheduled performers shall be provided either behind the stage, on the offstage wings, or adjacent to the stage. This staging area shall be obscured from the view of the audience by screens or curtains, if at all possible.
  • A single spotlight may be provided by host club at the presentation site. A spotlight operator may be supplied by each competing club. Any additional lighting, special effects or props must be supplied by the competing club.
  • There shall be no budget limitation on clubs for costuming, lighting, special effects or props.
  • All elements of each performance, except the recorded music, shall be live. Specifically, the use of video, slides, rear screen projections, and computer generated visuals is prohibited.


  • Voting shall be limited to clubs who are registered for the conference and are in good standing of AAF District 7. One standard, uniform ballot shall be distributed at the site of the competition to each club with at least one fully-registered attendee. Competing clubs shall be listed on the ballot in the order of performance by club name. Each voting club will submit its completed ballot marking “1” for its first-place vote, “2” for its second-place vote, and “3” for its third-place vote. Only one official ballot will be accepted from each voting club, regardless of how many fully-registered attendees are voting from that club.
  • Voters are encouraged to consider lip sync, creativity and performance when casting their vote for the winner.
  • Votes shall be tabulated with the host club chair, the Governor or another District officer or referee as designated by the Governor.
  • Votes shall be tabulated with the winners receiving the most votes in order: 1st; 2nd; and 3rd.
  • Ballots may include a line to write in the best lip syncing single performer.