The Harry Hoile Award, named after the first Governor of the District, is presented annually at the District 7 Spring Convention.

The Harry Hoile Former Governor’s Award was established in April 1991. It is presented to the Chairman (Immediate Past Governor) one year after they have left office (traditionally the same year they rotate off the Board of Directors). The purpose of the award is to recognize the work the recipient has done in his/her year as Governor, as well as recap the many contributions made to the District and home club. It is presented by the Immediate Past Chairman (Winners Chairman).

The award, a large plaque, is paid for by the District Awards and Gifts budget. The presenter secures and engraves the plaque or trophy. It shall not be the responsibility of the District to prepare or fund a video on the recipient. The presenter shall notify the recipient’s home club of the upcoming presentation, and the home club may, at its expense, have the option to prepare a video, not to exceed five (5) minutes in length. If a video is not prepared by the home club, a verbal presentation of the recipient’s accomplishments shall be given by the presenter.


1991 Harry Hoile

1992 Allen McCarty

1993 Charlie Malone

1994 Gus Wales

1995 Linda Sherman

1996 Faye Cook

1997 Cece Hylton

1998 Jimmy Warren

1999 Judy Fraser

2000 Sherri Sawyer

2001 Sheree Farrar Harper

2002 James Belton

2003 Charlie East

2004 Wanda McKoy

2005 Susan Tucker

2006 Laura Hasty

2007 Jim Wenthe

2008 Vicki Mills

2009 Michele Massey

2010 Kathy Jacobus

2011 Curtis Vann

2012 Laura Burton

2013 Elizabeth Perry

2014 A.J. Busé

2015 Amanda Fontaine

2016 Dawn Reeves

2018 Teresa Treadway

2019 Ace Bourgeois

2020 Mary Lee

2021 Sarah Jones

2022 Leigh Farrior

2023 Jeff Harrison

2024 Amy Riddle