The governors’ award is also known as “The Volunteer of the Year” award and is totally coordinated and funded by former District Governors.

The Governors’ Award was established in October 1985 and is presented annually at the Leadership Conference. The award was purposefully founded to honor the work of a “volunteer” who is not currently an officer/president. The mirrored, beveled glass award was first commissioned by Governor George Waldron. The traditional style of the award is mirrored glass with the winner’s name engraved on it. The award is mirrored so the winner may look at it and see the reflection of the perfect volunteer.

The call for nominations is usually sent out in April/May by the Historian, which is the award chairman. The judging committee is composed of a minimum of five past governors to be determined by the nominations/judging chairman. Nominations are sent to all former governors, state directors, presidents, and officers. The verbal presentation is made by the Historian. Former winners, former governors, and all incumbent district officers and presidents are not eligible for the award.

Please send a nomination letter, detailing the nominee’s accomplishments and involvement, directly to Sarah Jones, Historian.


1986 DeStephenson Fluker, Central Georgia Ad Federation

1987 Cece Hylton, Advertising Federation of Greater Mobile

1988 Rikki Boyce, Memphis Advertising Federation

1989 Nancy Hoover, Chattanooga Advertising Federation

1990 Betty Heard, Tuscaloosa Advertising Federation

1991 Bettie Hudgens, Advertising Fed. of Greater Mobile

1993 Bud Chamberlain, Nashville Advertising Federation

1994 Susan Richards Tucker, Tuscaloosa Advertising Fed.

1995 Renny Sherman, Nashville Advertising Federation

1996 Michele Massey, Tuscaloosa Advertising Federation

1997 Ann Halpern, Birmingham Advertising Federation

1998 Judy Whitcomb, Golden Triangle Advertising Fed.

1999 Pat Hartman, Advertising Fed. of Greater Mobile

2001 Kathy Hoskins, Advertising Fed. of Central Georgia

2002 Jeff English, AAF Baton Rouge

2003 Kendra Kimmons, AAF Baton Rouge

2004 Donovan Grettner, Acadiana Advertising Federation

2005 Carrie Alderfer, Tennessee Valley Advertising Fed.

2006 Amanda Fontaine, Jackson Advertising Federation

2007 Dawn Reeves, Birmingham Advertising Federation

2008 Kim Dowdy, AAF Mississippi Delta

2009 Michael Strickler, AAF Mobile Bay

2010 Saundra Lane, AAF Baton Rouge

2011 David Jacobs, AAF Knoxville

2012 Elizabeth Zupkow, AAF Central Georgia

2013 Lucy Arnold Sikes, AAF Tuscaloosa

2014 Leigh Farrior, AAF Montgomery

2015 Jessica Stanford, AAF Augusta

2016 Becky White, AAF Jackson

2017 Tabitha Bostick, AAF Tuscaloosa

2019 Julie Mann, AAF Tuscaloosa

2020 Victoria Belton, AAF Montgomery

2021 Kady Collier, AAF New Orleans

2022 Mo Al-Kahlout, AAF Birmingham

2023 Kristi Sasser, AAF Birmingham