Michelle Clarke Payne

AAF New Orleans

United Way of Southeast Louisiana
2515 Canal St., New Orleans, LA 70119
C: 337.781.2796


  • Maintain communications with board members and request their assistance to further the work of AAF District 7
  • Appoint all District committee chairs and coordinators Call and preside at all meetings of the executive committee, board of Directors and all District meetings
  • AAF liaison
  • Actively participate in AAF networking by attending and contributing to, in report and committee form, activities and meetings of the AAF Council of Governors and Board of Directors
  • Visit local clubs and federations within the District and keep in touch with the work of local member organizations

Governor Elect

Jeff Harrison

AAF Mississippi Gulf Coast

Transmedia Creative
34D 29th Street, Gulfport, MS
P: 228.863.1776
C: 228.596.6600


  • Regional Directors
  • Plan Spring Convention
  • Membership Chair (Mailing and Database Responsibilities)

1st Lieutenant Governor

Amy Riddle

AAF Dothan

108 E. Troy Street
Dothan, AL 36303
C: 334.790.7082


  • NSAC Chair and Co-Chair
  • Scholarships and Awards Chair
  • Academic Board Rep
  • Government Relations Representatives (one from each state)
  • Assist with Student American Advertising Awards training and entry push (local and forwarding)

2nd Lieutenant Governor

Adriane Van Kirk

AAF North Alabama

T-H Marine
2409 Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801
C: 256.468.1854


  • Fundraising
  • Club Achievement and Club of the Year Chair
  • Mosaic Diversity and Inclusion Chair
  • Social Media Chair (includes PR responsibilities)
  • Newsletter Chair
  • (Graphic Designer, if needed)


Jennifer Cooley

AAF Mobile Bay

Hummingbird Ideas
PO Box 1987
Mobile, AL 36633
C: 251.604.0354


  • District Directory & Resource Guide Design and Content Chairs
  • District Financials
  • District American Advertising Awards Financials
  • Website Chair

Portrait of Leigh FarriorBoard Chair, Council of Governors Secretary/Treasurer

Leigh Farrior

AAF Montgomery

Stamp Idea Group
O: 334.244.9933
C: 334.372.2263

  • American Advertising Awards Materials Coordinator
  • American Advertising Awards Gala
  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Bylaws Changes
Historian, Eastern Region Representative

Sarah Jones

AAF Mobile Bay

Red Square Agency
C: 281-744-8984


  • Serve as liaison to AAF National and Eastern Region
  • Primary American Advertising Awards Chair

Council of Governors Immediate Past Chair

Mary Lee

AAF Jackson

Frontier Strategies, LLC
PO Box 13292, Jackson, MS 39236
P: 601-856-1544 ext. 4
C: 601-201-0568

  • Serve as liaison to AAF Council of Governors

Regional Directors

Andrea Wiley

AAF Memphis
C: 901-487-5679

Serving: AAF Jackson, AAF North Alabama, AAF Nashville, AAF Knoxville

Rebecca Royen

AAF Tusclaoosa
University of Alabama
P: 205-348-5146
C: 205-826-1260

Serving: Atlanta Ad Club, AAF Birmingham, AAF Dothan, AAF Tuscaloosa, AAF Chattanooga

Jonathan Palmisano

AAF Baton Rouge
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
P: 985-290-8655

Serving: AAF New Orleans, AAF Mississippi Gulf Coast, AAF Baton Rouge, AAF Mobile Bay

Amy Hughes

AAF Memphis
Gray Television, Inc.
P: 901-921-5539

Serving: AAF Memphis, AAF Augusta, AAF Montgomery, AAF Northeast Tennessee