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On July 12th – an email will be coming to all presidents from AAF National about Engage. They need each club to designate an administrator:

  1. Once they have the administrator’s information in the system, they will provide the administrator with more information about how to get educated on the system and how to use it
  2. They are producing a FAQ sheet and videos to watch on demand
  3. They will also help the Admins update their rosters

At Admerica in New Orleans, National American Advertising Awards were outstanding! Three words really stood out: Narcos Spanish Lessons


District 7 Info

– Reminder – COP call 1 – Wed. July 19 — 1130 C/1230 E – COTY points

– Dues are due at Leadership! COTY points

***District Dues are $10/member and based on each club’s total membership as of May 31 of the previous fiscal year. This is the same membership number the clubs are billed by the National AAF in December of each year.



AAF Announces 2018 National Student Advertising Competition Sponsor: Ocean Spray Cranberries

>> Governor Diversity Challenge <<

A challenge to all members to go out and cross the lines 

As many of you recall, Baton Rouge had an especially tough year in 2016. There was a torrential flood and a series of devastating shootings in the community on the heels of shootings in Dallas, Texas. As a community, we still struggle with exactly how to move forward. But move forward we will.

I urge each of the clubs to reach out and perform a community service, attend a community event, or simply go and do something with a group of people who are different from you. There will be a cash reward to the club that makes a significant impact regarding this challenge.


Deadline is July 20, 2017

Nominations are now being accepted for the Governor’s Award. This award, established in October 1985, is totally coordinated and funded by former District 7 Governors. This award is also known as “The Volunteer of the Year.”

The Governor’s Award is presented to honor the work of a “volunteer” who is not currently an officer or president of AAF District 7.

Nominations will be sent out to former governors, regional directors, presidents and officers.

Former winners, former governors, and all incumbent district officers, regional directors and presidents are not eligible for this award.

This award will be presented during the Leadership Conference, August 24-27 in Tuscaloosa.

Past winners include: Jeff Harrison, Elizabeth Zupkow, Leigh Farrior

Please email your nomination letter to me at afontaine@msburn.org by July 20thIf you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 601-540-2995.


Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference, August 24-27 in

Deidre Stalker posted a letter that can be sent to your supervisor to better explain what you will be attending and provide justification for this important investment in your professional education: Lucky7JustificationLetter.docx

It can be found in the Facebook “AAF District 7” Group page.

Here is a link to the AAF D7 Leadership site:


Mouth of the South – 7 songs reserved: Thriller, Rhythm Nation, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, We are the World, Party Out of Bounds and The Final Countdown.


Tips and Tutorials

Get your learn on right here – some local libraries offer free online classes:


Get your learn on right here – some local libraries offer free online classes:



For a quick list of social media graphic sizes:


** Not ALL of these are perfect – see the comments for some corrections – but still a nice resource.

For a shortcut to life:


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